Nuovo accesso a Villa Adriana a Tivoli

Villa Adriana: new public entrance

Scenaryo Landscape

The project for arranging the spaces that lead up to the Villa Adriana includes a pedestrian path running from the town to the entrance to the archaeological site. In tracing this route, particular care has been taken to preserve surrounding historic features: an outcropping of tufa, a slab of travertine, an abandoned farmhouse dating back to the start of the …

Recupero del parco e della Porta del Bottino a Proceno

Park and Porta del Bottino restoration, Proceno

Scenaryo Landscape, Renovation

The restoration of the Bottino Gate, along with a portion of the medieval wall, provides an opportunity to enhance this steeply sloping area, addressing the related hydrogeological risk. From the new entry plaza below, a series of risers will lead to the gate to the urban fabric of the town above, passing through a botanical garden planted with species typical …

Riqualificazione urbana di Essaouira

Essaouira Urban renovation

Scenaryo Landscape

Essaouira, located on the shore of the Atlantic, facing the ocean winds, with the dunes that hold the remains of the original lagoon at its back, has lost its role as an historic port of call and the site of a major Jewish community. The urban restoration project is meant to revive the landscape between the bodies of water – …

Riqualificazione urbana di Hanià

Hanià urban renovation

Scenaryo Landscape

The restoration of the central portion of Hanià, plus the more general question of how to preserve, upgrade and put to new uses its historic structures, are addressed by this wide-ranging urban initiative. The proposal, which involves the remains of the Cretan-Mycenaean acropolis, the Venetian port and the sixteenth-century bastions, part of which is still standing, was developed in cooperation …

Parco delle Mura di Marrakech

Marrakech Historical wall park

Scenaryo Landscape

The walls of Marrakech are the setting for the restoration of the historic core of the ancient imperial capital, plus the surrounding urban fabric. The area outside the medieval walls, still free of constructions, will be transformed into a complex system combining facilities for mobility, service structures and green spaces for collective use. Nine different proposals are included in the …

Riqualificazione urbana ad Iraklion

Heraklion urban renovation

Scenaryo Landscape

The topic of restoring the central portion of Heraklion, along with broader considerations pertinent to the preservation, upgrading and repurposing of historic artefacts, are addressed in the context of 11 experimental design efforts. The proposals, which involve the old port and the bastions of the Venetian perimeter wall, a structure that has survived to the present, were developed by a …

Progetto urbano per il centro storico di Ariccia

Ariccia urban renovation

Scenaryo Landscape

The Piazza di Corte, made whole again by a shift in the passage of the Via Appia road, gives the public access to the monumental bridge, transforming it into a charming exposition promenade, with the deck arranged as a series of platforms holding spaces for socialisation, along with pools of water and sculptures, while museum facilities tied to the archaeological …

Sistemazione di Piazza Augusto Imperatore a Roma

Piazza Augusto Imperatore restyling, Rome

Scenaryo Landscape

“Forgetting” all about Richard Meier’s existing setting for the Ara Pacis altar, the project proposes a radical departure: portions of roadway not absolutely essential to traffic are eliminated, freeing space for a concave plaza that slopes down to the mausoleum from the street; a section of the riverside drive is replaced by a tunnel; the Ara Pacis is moved from …