Park and Porta del Bottino restoration, Proceno

Recupero del parco e della Porta del Bottino a Proceno

The restoration of the Bottino Gate, along with a portion of the medieval wall, provides an opportunity to enhance this steeply sloping area, addressing the related hydrogeological risk. From the new entry plaza below, a series of risers will lead to the gate to the urban fabric of the town above, passing through a botanical garden planted with species typical of the local area.
The Gate will be freed of earth that has built up over time and restored to its original condition, with a series of steps and ramps linking its historic level to the surrounding heights. The area inside the perimeter wall will be newly landscaped through a combination of terraces and sloping green areas planted with native species, with a series of ramps and graded steps connecting it to the internal plaza and the streets above, and from there to the centre of town.

Client: Municipality of Proceno

Location: Proceno (VT), Italy

Architects: Roberto Cherubini, Laura Guglielmi, Maurizio Petrangeli, Chiara Sgrenci, Fabio Galluzzi

Design team: Paolo Antonini, Vittorio Maccallini, Cesare Muceli

Timeline: 2019

Status: under construction