Hanià urban renovation

Riqualificazione urbana di Hanià

The restoration of the central portion of Hanià, plus the more general question of how to preserve, upgrade and put to new uses its historic structures, are addressed by this wide-ranging urban initiative. The proposal, which involves the remains of the Cretan-Mycenaean acropolis, the Venetian port and the sixteenth-century bastions, part of which is still standing, was developed in cooperation with the Crete Polytechnic and the local Superintendence of Archaeology.
The projects follows an overall strategy that entails: restoring the city’s perimeter walls by installing new supports in the embankments and in the gaps caused by demolitions in the twentieth century; salvaging and optimising historic structures; reviving the town’s historic core by inserting services at the port and on the acropolis. Thanks to the historic evidence of the Venetian period, local identity can be redeemed and strengthened.


Location: Hanià, Grecia

Architects: Maurizio Petrangeli (Tutor), Maurizio Petrangeli (Tutor), E. Fadione, F. Galluzzi, E. Piergiovanni, G. Quatrini, M. Revel, G. Rossi, C. Sgrenci, A. Valeo

Design team:

Timeline: 2014

Status: architectural research