About us

Originally a group of associated professionals established in 1990, and then, starting from 2016, an engineering firm, APRISTUDIO is headquartered in Rome and staffed by architects, engineers, systems experts and geologists active in the fields of architecture, landscaping, restoration and interior design, sectors whose first letters, in Italian, spell out ‘APRI’. The studio’s architectural designs take an original approach to every opportunity, making the most of the latest technological advances , with a focus on the key factors of compliance with the overall program, innovation and sustainability and respect of timetables and budgets. To successfully manage increasingly complex projects, APRISTUDIO utilises an integrated methodology that arrives at solutions by considering an interactive array of architectural, structural, plant - engineering, regulatory and operational factors. In addition to working for public clients, national and international corporations, and private parties, the firm has take n part in numerous design competitions, obtaining awards and recognition, while its projects and experimental work have been exhibited on numerous occasions and published in books, specialised reviews and daily newspapers.