Scattered hotel, Monteleone di Puglia

Albergo diffuso Monteleone di Puglia

The project recovers and enhances the characteristics of the historic center and the “Borgo Nuovo” through interventions that, while respecting the memory of the places and its buildings, do not renounce to define the characteristics of the widespread hotel. The proposal initiates a complex urban strategy that regenerates the territory, promotes economic activities, upgrades the urban fabric and defines a hospitality model based on the authenticity of experiences.
The main interventions concern: the restoration of the morphological continuity of the urban elevations and of the typological characteristics of the Historic Center; the critical-conservative restoration of the buildings located in the restricted area and those of the first expansion of the twentieth century; environmental and energy sustainability with the use of “passive” solutions that do not conflict with the objectives of recovery, protection and enhancement.

Client: Municipality of Monteleone di Puglia

Location: Monteleone di Puglia (FG), Italy

Architects: Laura Guglielmi, Maurizio Petrangeli

Design team: Marta Gallo, Fabio Galluzzi, Marco Grippo, Matteo Murzi

Timeline: 2015

Status: competititon _ 5th prize