Perugina museum extension

Ampliamento Museo Perugina

A series of initiatives were carried out to complete the Chocolate Museum and School, designed and brought into being in 2007, on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the Perugina company, with the work involving the establishment of services for the public and an enhancement of the museum layout. Specific projects include expansion of the sales point at the entry to the Museum, with construction of a new volume that echoes the features of the previous work, such as the glass floor of the tasting zone, within which visitors find themselves walking atop a bed of coca pods, tonka beans and chocolate candies, while the section leading up to the elevated walkway that passes above the production units has been upgraded with the insertion of exhibition niches and historic industrial machinery. All these efforts have produced a visitors’ route that, while bringing into play a number of different elements, presents a uniform style with respect to the solutions adopted and the materials used.

Client: Nestlé Italiana SpA

Location: Perugia, Italy

Architects: Laura Guglielmi, Marina Lo Re, Maurizio Petrangeli

Design team:

Timeline: 2007-2011

Status: built