Hotel Bernini Bristol extension

Ampliamento Hotel Bernini Bristol a Roma

The Hotel Bernini Bristol of Rome, opened in 1874 and later demolished and rebuilt, was combined with the structure behind it, formerly the residence of the princely Corsini family, in the early 1900’s. The large hospitality structure that resulted, in the historic heart of Rome, consists of 165 suites and rooms, restaurant areas, a convention centre, meeting rooms and a wellness centre. Of particular note is the roof garden with its spectacular view of the city.
The restructuring also provided an opportunity to upgrade and restore the buildings: the structures were consolidated and the roofing was demolished and completely rebuilt, eliminating joints and extraneous elements, while the façades were restored to their original state.

Client: S.I.N.A. S.p.a Società Internazionale Nuovi Alberghi

Location: Rome, Italy

Architects: Laura Guglielmi, Maurizio Petrangeli

Design team: Marco Grippo, Matteo Murzi, Chiara Sgrenci

Timeline: 2015

Status: under construction