Italian State of Mint redevelopment and recovery

Riqualificazione e recupero Zecca storica di Roma

The restoration and retooling of the historic seat of the Italian State Mint will revive and optimise the building’s institutional, educational and cultural roles: the Museum of the Mint, the School of Medallion Making and the offices of the State Printing Institute. The project’s economic and operational sustainability will be ensured by new secondary functions that respect the building’s historical and cultural identity.
The original forms will be cleared of extraneous features added over time. The museum will be located at the centre of the building, with the “secondary” functions arrayed around the perimeter. The permeability of the spaces will allow the building to regain its traditional ceremonial, educational, cultural and social roles, while opening it up to the community, the neighbourhood and the city.

Client: Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato Italiano spa

Location: Rome, Italy

Architects: Rafael Moneo, Isola Architetti, Milan Ingegneria

Design team: Maurizio Petrangeli

Timeline: 2019

Status: competition